On 15 and 16 November the 2022 Forum on Vocational Excellence will gather in San Sebastian to discuss the latest developments in the field of Vocational Education and Training.


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Update: Forum on Vocational Excellence 2022 results now available!

We are looking back at a very successful first edition of the Forum on Vocational Excellence. All the results of the Forum are collected on this page.


It is vital to continue to raise awareness and encourage VET centres in different countries to pursue a model of collaborative work that places VET institutions as drivers of skills ecosystems at regional level, working and cooperating for this purpose with the relevant local partners and providing comprehensive responses to current and future skill needs. 

With the aim of supporting the EU in its initiative on CoVEs and in its VET strategy in general, the European Commission and the Basque government, with the support of the European Training Foundation (ETF), Cedefop and EACEA, as well as the Community of Practice on CoVEs, and Katapult, will hold an international meeting in San Sebastian, Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, from 15 to 16 November. The Forum will be held at the TABAKALERA International centre for contemporary culture. It will include the participation of the partners of ongoing CoVE projects, as well as other European centres currently developing or intending to develop initiatives on vocational excellence, and forming part of wider European networks. 

The event aims to mobilise the participation of different VET centres and relevant stakeholders, to reach the European target of establishing at least 100 networks of vocational excellence by 2027.   


The meeting will have the following objectives: 

  1. To disseminate the CoVE initiative, make it more widely known, further boost the demand for Erasmus+ project applications, and increase the number of VET centres involved in the vocational excellence initiative. 

  1. To raise the awareness, support and involvement of national and regional authorities in the vocational excellence initiative. 

  1. To connect experiences and know-how of CoVEs with policy making for more impactful action on social inclusions. 

  1. To engage in focused thematic discussions on core elements of vocational excellence. 

  1. To share and debate examples of on-going CoVE projects, as well as present the Basque vocational education and training system, as inspiring examples for other countries. 

European Commissioner Nicolas Schmit has confirmed his participation at the opening of the event on 15 November. The event will also benefit from high level political representatives, including national governments (from both EU and ETF partner countries), regional authorities, European Commission, European Parliament, and Committee of Regions.  Social partners and in particular their EU level representatives will also be invited to participate. 


You can download the program here. The event will be hybrid, with a physical component in San Sebastian and the main parts of the program being streamed online for all to follow.


You can register for online participation in this event using this link.


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